The weight journey.

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Yes, this is supposed to be a weight journey back in time. Let’s see how it goes. The journey starts here today the first August 2019 and is expected to end 1994 when I weighed 90 kg. If I go back to 1991, I was a bit bony, so far I should not back.

I start with the weight 130.4 kg and a maximum circumference of 130 cm which gives a BMI of 36.4, this falls into the category: Severe obesity (35 – 40). This ballast is spread on a 189 cm high body, from the soles of the feet to the top of head.

My journey starts with finding a good tool to keep track of how much energy I daily add to my body. It should be easy to handle because I have a certain habit of getting tired of complicated methods. Who the fuck wants to sit with pen and paper a scale and Googla on calorie content before you can eat, it can cause you to starve to death and it is to shoot over the target a bit.

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