The decision is made. No turning back.

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Yes, so it finally became. I am leaving. I have after a lot of thought finally come to the conclusion that now is the time to emigrate. It took me a whole hell of a white month to be sure of my decision and with white I do not mean snow. Many people make big decisions  intoxicateand and distracted. I was not intend doing it on that easy way. After much sober consideration, I have come to the conclusion that I not intend to take any more winter in my life. From now on, it’s sun and warmth among my friends in the Dominican Republic. How this is going to happen I have not really clear to me for the moment, but it will clear up over time. A few months I give myself to change my life to another world.

I created this blog a few years ago and named it the emigrant just because I was going to tell you about my emigration. I then spent four months in the Dominican Republic to see if it could be a good place to emigrate to. Although I had good contacts and knew the country well, it did not feel quite safe financially. Now, however, I have found that worse than here in Sweden, it can’t be and without going into politics it will only get even worse here.

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

Yes, what is the plan? Well, first of all I am supposed to go to DR. and spend 3 months for make sure to have a good place to stay.  I have some suggestions from good friends who are very helpful. When this is done, I return to Sweden and clear all my chains and then return to my new home immediately.

There are many problems that must be resolved before this can be implemented. When I first lived in DR I was there three years too long without a valid visa. I had to pay 3 bucks when I left the country. Now it’s not as easy anymore. I was there 2 years ago and stayed 4 months and it cost me 80 USD. If i had applied for permission to stay more than 3 months then it would have cost more and been much more complicated, so it was a good method then.

Due to the EU’s fucking refugee policy, the rules have now been further tightened in DR. One can still stay too long and be fined, but I have not received any answer as to whether it can make it difficult the next time you want to enter. I do not want to jeopardize my opportunity to stay a longer time by fining myself out when I travel to Sweden to close my account here.  So this my friends will be a serial that is clearly longer than my Göta channel adventures so Keep your eyes open, this can go anyway. From now on, I will live by the motto:

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