Ellen is resisting.

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Been with Ellen for a few days now. Primarily, I have tried to seal the large leakage from the exhaust hose just where seawater is dumped. Ellen has fresh water cooling but the construction is so stupid that the salt … Continued

I have met Ellen

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A couple of days ago I met Ellen. A lady born in 1970 and in very good condition. There were some minor defects on her but not something I can’t fix with a little work and love, (I thought). I … Continued

Me Too!

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Jajaja When I (gonyostomum semen born 46) today came walking on the pavement to my grocery store, I was surrounded by 4 beautiful girls in the age of 18-20 all gave me under the noise and laughed a pat on … Continued

My very first blog

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Hello everything and welcome. Now I finally created my blog. and this will be my first blog page. As I mentioned on the website. I created this blog to tell you everything about my emigration to another country, the Dominican … Continued