The Boat Hose in Boca Chica. Left Click on the picture for larger image.

Who am I?

On that I’m not 100 percent sure myself. I mean, is there anyone who is absolutely sure who he or she really is? At least I will try to describe myself as well as I can.

I am at the beginning of my sixty-eight years of my life and have been retired for seven years now. I am totally uninterested in sports, so I do not look forward to winter times when you can ski and skate and such shit. No, it’s just sun seas and hot days that appeal to me. & Nbsp;

In the winter, I mostly spend time indoors and playing with electronic constructions, joinery or crafts with some mechanical project, I also spend a lot of time on computer programming.

I live alone and also have no pets. I have a few friends that I can call really close friends. Many of my old friends have sadly left this earthly life. I am in that age when it is natural. But it is boring every time a close friend leaves this life. My two parents are gone but I have all my five siblings in life, maybe because I am the oldest of us.

I really enjoy cooking good food and eating it. Maybe a little too much because it has a great effect on certain body parts . But it should be good to live otherwise it can set off. That’s me!