Cordillera Central.

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A day trip in the mountains. Had not been so long in the Dominican Republic when my friend Bertil suggests that we go up into the mountains and look at a piece of land that was for sale. I thought … Continued

My first CNC-router.

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In this first post, I will tell you a little about how it started. Well, for more than 10 years ago, just at the beginning of my membership in “Swedish Electronics Forum”, I read about some members who built computer-controlled … Continued

The weight journey.

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Yes, this is supposed to be a weight journey back in time. Let’s see how it goes. The journey starts here today the first August 2019 and is expected to end 1994 when I weighed 90 kg. If I go … Continued

Ellen is resisting.

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Been with Ellen for a few days now. Primarily, I have tried to seal the large leakage from the exhaust hose just where seawater is dumped. Ellen has fresh water cooling but the construction is so stupid that the salt … Continued